Romph ▪ Pou Agency | Brookshire’s Locals Campaign


Brookshire Grocery Company


Fresh Products From Locals Campaign

Scope of Work:

  • Photography

Project Strategy:

  • As the “farm to table” movement began to grow, grocery and restaurant consumers became more and more compelled to purchase products that were organic, healthy and provided by vendors within close proximity. Unlike their competitors, Brookshire’s was already supporting their local vendors, but they needed a strategy to communicate this point of difference.
  • The Creative team at R&P worked collaboratively with the BGC Marketing team to develop a communication strategy. It was determined that the most authentic method to convey the “locals” message was a visual, storytelling campaign.
  • It was not persuasive enough to just list BGC’s local partners, so we introduced the local vendors through photographs of each of them at their actual farms and plants.
  • Each photographic series was designed to spotlight the local business and tell its unique story. Our goal was to promote the vendors in hope that it would encourage customers to buy local, and reinforce the message that Brookshire’s supports local businesses.
  • The resulting imagery is used in marketing campaigns and in-store signage.