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Casino Client A

Hotel Occupancy
After a new hotel tower opened in November 2013, the client had nearly 1,400 hotel rooms to fill each night. Casino Client A tasked Romph & Pou to develop a strategy to optimize RevPAR goals by placing known casino players into the hotel. The overall enterprise goal was to have 80% of the total occupants to be casino players.
Strategy & Execution.
Romph & Pou implemented an aggressive direct mail campaign. First, R&P developed a “diminishing return” response model to determine the number of direct mailers required to fulfill each night’s occupancy goal. From there, R&P prioritized guests so that higher-worth patrons receive the most desired days, using lower-worth guests to support mid-week business.


Occupancy Goal


Regional Market Growth


Outer Market Growth

Measurable Results

Romph & Pou’s direct mail strategy provided the client with the desired 80% occupancy goal from known players. In addition, Casino Client A experienced significant growth from both the Regional and Outer markets. The Regional market grew by 8%, and the Outer market leaped by 20%.