Romph ▪ Pou Agency | Riverwind Casino & SCORPIO Case Study

Casino Client B & SCORPIO

Direct Marketing and Email Services


Casino Client B is located near a major metropolitan city, and it has at least 20 competitors within 50 miles. In fact, the state has more than 70 casinos, which makes competition fierce. Over the past two years, Casino Client B has dealt with several challenges stemming from massive interstate construction. As construction expands down the interstate, Casino Client B continues to suffer business losses as large sections of the metroplex avoid that area due to traffic congestion. Casino Client B asked Romph & Pou to assist them with its SCORPIO database and analysis services.

Strategy & Execution.

R&P initiated SCORPIO in September 2015. SCORPIO is a proprietary database and analysis service developed by Romph & Pou. It is a culmination of over 15 years of casino database experience across a variety of gaming jurisdictions and sizes. The unique feature of SCORPIO is that it analyzes and appends predictive expectations based on the individual, rather than groups of similar averages.

SCORPIO reviewed all possible client-customer relationships. Then, it determined which customers were predicted to return in subsequent months. The customers deemed NOT likely to return were associated with a risk/return factor to determine the optimal reinvestment level based on the probability of successfully driving a visit. This exercise was critical to Casino Client B in order to determine the true impact of incremental business versus predicted business.

  • Impacted Marketed Guests 24% 24%
  • Yielded Incremental Value 50% 50%
  • Increase in Revenue 8% 8%
  • Reduction of Reinvestment 40% 40%

Measurable Results

Not only did SCORPIO identify guests with varying levels of incremental value, it also determined the expected probability increase of visitation based on receiving a direct mail or email offer. SCORPIO gave Casino Client B the ability to drive varying levels of incremental play based on desired risk level. SCORPIO recommended a shift in offer strategies and reinvestment levels that impacted 24% of its marketed guests. These SCORPIO-adjusted guests yielded 50% incremental value versus the previous 39% overall incremental value. To date, SCORPIO drove an 8% increase in revenue and a 40% reduction of reinvestment for Casino Client B’s direct mail and email programs.