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  • Branding
  • Point of Sale and Trade Show Creative
  • Custom Illustration
  • Social Media Creative
  • Lifestyle Photography
  • Website Design and Consultation
  • Promotional Campaign Consultation
  • Email Campaign Strategy, Design and Implementation

About The ICEE Company

  • The ICEE Company is a family-favorite, frozen beverage company that distributes to Amusement Parks, Zoos, Theatres, Convenience Stores, Fast Casual Dining Restaurants and other entertainment venues throughout the country. Owned and operated by the international corporation, J&J Snack Foods, The ICEE Company is continuously innovating and growing, creating the need for a fast, full-service marketing firm like Romph & Pou Agency.

Twisted Chill

  • Developed by ICEE and branded by R&P Agency, Twisted Chill is a new frozen beverage product created by using the new, state-of-the-art touchpad frozen beverage machine. The machine is fitted with a base flavor and four flavor additions from which the customer can choose, allowing them to create a custom beverage with the click of a few buttons. Twisted Chill currently offers five base flavors: White Cherry, Lemonade, Sweet Tea, Coffee and Pumpkin Spice (seasonally). Customers looking for something extra can add flavor shots that include Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Lemon-Lime, Mango and many more.
  • The Twisted Chill brand was developed from the ground up, starting with the brand name and logo. Branded collateral includes trade show signage, branded machine signage and the digital buttons seen on the touch screens. Creative development included custom illustration and lettering by the R&P design team.

Frozen Cocktails

  • The Frozen Cocktails brand was developed after the completion of Twisted Chill and uses the same touchpad machine. However, the ICEE Company wanted a separate brand created for Frozen Cocktails, differentiating it from the standard Twisted Chill beverage line. R&P created a branded look reminiscent of the menu board at your favorite local bar. The brand development process included custom beverage photography, illustration and lettering by the R&P design team.

#ICEELife Photoshoot

  • In December 2017, The ICEE Company tasked R&P Agency with planning and executing a photoshoot with the objective of creating multiple scenes of young adults and teenagers enjoying a warm summer with their favorite ICEE beverages. R&P was faced with many challenges during the process, one of the biggest being December weather in Louisiana. However, thanks to a talented, hard-working and flexible team, R&P was able to successfully capture playful yet beautiful photos that appeared to be taken on a beautiful summer day. The images produced from the shoot are currently being used on various promotional pieces, marketing the #ICEELife to customers across the country.