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Combining data with an integrated marketing strategy, our clients can make a substantial impact in customer engagement, retention and loyalty. RP data services can help you discover what influences your customers and what keeps them coming back again and again.


What Makes It Different

SCORPIO® Data Services is a combination of a data repository along with the critical database-modeling and analysis capabilities.

As a data-collection repository, SCORPIO is flexible to match your specific customer data needs without the A=A, B=B limitations of most database services. SCORPIO collects many of your business’ data points, and then overlays multiple demographic, geographic and Census datasets that generate a functioning profile of your business opportunities.

Now comes the analysis. Not only do we identify your best customers, but we also classify customers with the greatest upside, customers dependent on marketing efforts and most/least profitable customers, etc. These lifecycle models are generated by a variety of data analytic techniques, including cluster analysis, machine learning, neural network and other industry-leading methods.

Come as you are

Gather data

Most of our clients allow SCORPIO® direct access to their data (VPN, API, etc.), but it can also import independent data files. This information is organized, indexed and stored for optimal marketing usage and future automation.  

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Strategy + Modeling

SCORPIO® identifies not only your best customers, but also which customers require marketing efforts to reach their greatest potential. SCORPIO does this data-mining by utilizing the most recent data science techniques and tactics. Some common data science schemes are cost-per-acquisition and lifetime-value models that successfully guide many marketing programs.

The Hand That Feeds


SCORPIO® initiates a variety of marketing programs via direct mail, telemarketing, email and online/digital efforts. These methods extend a variety of offer and reinvestment strategies to steer the recipient into the desired purchasing behavior. In addition, each initiative requires reliable tracking capabilities for proper performance evaluation.

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Response, behavior, profitability and incremental lift measurements represent our core analysis efforts. Standard reports are available, but most clients enjoy the option of customer report generation to ensure each marketing effort is analyzed against its specific goals.

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Measurable results

Evaluating each marketing campaign against its performance goals enables SCORPIO® to properly determine the success of each marketing effort, and to adjust accordingly for future endeavors. This ability to continually learn and pivot highlights SCORPIO’s greatest advantage.

Scorpio® Applications

Connect with your audience

Data Modeling

Leverage the benefits of a dynamic set of database models that not only prioritize your customer base, but also direct you to deploy a variety of marketing campaigns to fulfill your business goals. Each SCORPIO® model helps answer critical questions by collecting customer data into a centralized repository and then applying proven mathematical/statistical simulations:

+ Financial and Marketing Forecasting
+ Customer Visitation Probability
+ Customer Valuation and Volatility Prediction
+ Marketing Campaign Automation


Adjusting to market, competitor and customer shifts requires a fast and reliable analysis system. Actionable analysis must identify essential items and not get bogged down in irrelevant slicing and dicing that overwhelm the decision-maker (i.e., analysis paralysis).

SCORPIO® analysis uses a combination of data results and business consultation to better guide each client toward making the next step with greater confidence.

Email Marketing

Fast. Efficient. Effective.

Email marketing is a critical low-cost tool within the SCORPIO® Data Services because it enables both rapid response and the ability to apply customer-specific messaging due to its dynamic nature. Some of the available benefits of SCORPIO’s email process include:

+ Dynamic messaging and variable offer/pricing
+ Subject line optimization
+ Creative A/B testing

Direct Mail

Direct mail is not what it was even 10 years ago as the speed, customization and cost-effectiveness have improved significantly.

SCORPIO® leverages the latest printing capabilities, paper stock variations and even postal-tracking capabilities to ensure each direct mail campaign performs at its highest level.


Nothing sells a product or service better than the personal touch of telemarketing.

SCORPIO® utilizes this feature for select campaigns that require a little more detail or recognition when communicating to customers. Telemarketing is not only a great tactic for drumming up customer interest, but it also provides critical customer feedback and sentiment.


SCORPIO® Data Services improves media planning and buying tactics because it better prioritizes the customer throughout the media geographic and demographic landscape.

Traditional media buys typically apply demographic data over geographic areas to determine the media buy. SCORPIO utilizes its database models to rearrange customer rankings, geographic areas and media options to compose a media buy that is very different than the traditional approach. This revised approach opens up significant media cost savings, as well as overall greater media impact.

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