Case Study:


In 2020, Romph Pou Agency worked with a Synthetic Motor  Oil brand on a digital strategy designed to:

+ Build brand awareness among DIY potential customer base to build sales at retail partner locations.

+ Build brand awareness among DIFM (do it for me)  potential customer base to drive traffic to

quick-lube partners and increase sales.

+ Drive store traffic around specific promotions to bolster key retail partnerships.

+ Promote Formula DRIFT® and driver sponsorships, to further build brand equity and awareness among key customer base.




PAID Brand Awareness

+ Developed a comprehensive digital strategy that combined display/audio/video awareness building tactics, along with placement to capture consideration traffic.

+ Ran two separate sets of creative: one targeted at DIY customers and the other targeted at DIFM.

Specific Tactics

+ Standard Display: Placement targeted using demographics, behavioral, contextual and site retargeting. Creative focused on brand benefits, and we ran a combination of static banners and animated HTML5 banners.

+ Pre-Roll & Connected TV: Ran a mixture of streaming placement to get in front of cord-cutters and those we might be missing through traditional media efforts. Placement was targeted using demographics, behavioral,  contextual and site retargeting.

+ Streaming Audio: Ran a mixture of streaming audio placement in music and podcasts across top platforms (Spotify, Pandora, etc.). Placement was targeted using demographic, behavioral, contextual and site retargeting.

+ Social Media: Ran a combination of social placement efforts to build  awareness, including:

Video & Carousel Ads: Facebook/Instagram

Cluep: Placement that targets users based on their social media activity, including post content and visiting locations that tie-in well with brand.

+ Google Search: Ran a keyword Google Search campaign to capture consideration of those searching for brand, synthetic products, similar products and competitor products.

+ Amazon Advertising: Ran a test campaign on Amazon to build brand awareness and track direct sales. This client only sells through third-party retailers and platforms, so placement on Amazon that tracked sales through the Amazon store gave visibility to how placement drove direct sales and dollars.


ORGANIC Brand Awareness

To support the paid brand awareness strategy, we also had a social strategy focused on series content. In 2020, we ran multiple episodic content series, focused on brand benefits and key sponsorships and partnerships.

Episodes were promoted via teasers and posted weekly on social media, based on a set schedule. We used a combination of boosted posts, social media ads and  YouTube pre-roll to increase viewership of and engagement with series.

Store Traffic Paid

+ Geography: Focused on a 5 to 15-mile radius around each store location.

+ Addressable Geofencing: Geofenced households of potential customers based on household demographics. The geofences were specific to the household and not a radius around, which focused efforts and reduced wasted impressions. The geofenced houses were served promotion ads across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile, OTT/CTV), and ads followed those in each home as they left the home to go to work, shopping, etc.

+ Search & Keyword Contextual Retargeting: Served display ads to those with a search history that indicated they were likely customers.

+ Site Retargeting: Served display ads about the promotion to those who had visited the promotion site for up to 30 days after visit.

+ Conversion Tracking: Each retail location was set up as a conversion zone,  and we were able to track foot traffic conversion from placed campaign.

Sponsorship Promotion Organic

To support key sponsorships in 2020, we integrated multiple content series featuring the sponsored driver into the overall brand social content plan. Each series focused on the Synthetic Motor Oil brand, but leveraged the driver’s notoriety and following to build brand equity.

During sponsored events, we posted a variety of behind-the-scenes and exclusive content to drive social traffic and keep those on the social site engaged.

We used social media content boosts and ads to increase post reach and engagement.