Case Study: Zoo Client


Zoo attendance was trending down, while advertising spend was over budget. There was no cross-channel orchestration for the media strategies, and no tracking mechanism in place to measure results.

At the end of 2019, a zoo hired Romph & Pou Agency to develop a precision-targeted marketing strategy for general attendance and donor development. Romph & Pou used our SCORPIO® database-modeling and analysis system to gain insights into the two zoo audiences, identify overlaps and areas of opportunity, and develop a messaging strategy that focused on maximizing return for investment.


  • The only data available for general attendance was zip code level.
  • Our team used that data to map attendance over the past five years and identify geographic patterns and drive time.
  • We then overlaid third-party data to build a demographic and behavior profile for the zoo audience within drive-time window.
  • These audience profiles were used to evaluate and adjust the overall media plan to improve effectiveness and drive greater attendance.



  • Analyzed donor data to develop donor lifecycles; to better understand donor behavior, demographics and greatest areas of opportunity; and to improve communications.
  • Donor lifecycles and data were then used to develop a current donor communication plan, a win-back plan for lapsed donors and an acquisition plan for potential donors.


Cross-Channel Implementation

  • Analyzing the groups separately, our team identified overlaps between attendance and donors. We used donor insights to help inform areas to target attendance marketing, and we used attendance insights to help identify potential donors.