A Checklist for Choosing Your Agency

Clients typically want some very specific things from their advertising, marketing and public relations agencies, such as the following:

  • The agency must have an understanding of their business and their industry.
  • A cohesive strategy around ad placements and media channel selection.
  • Creativity adapted to the client’s position in its market.
  • A demonstration of strong consumer insights.
  • Tailored messaging that authentically communicates the client’s attributes.
  • Better results with less budget.
  • Quantifiable results.


This is a great checklist for anyone searching for an agency or looking to replace their existing agency that is under-performing. It’s a checklist that Romph Pou Agency is proud to compete against.

For 40 years, Romph Pou Agency has perfected its skills, delivering value and positive results to its clients. We’ve come to know that creative power in work like we do is rooted in the nuances of the client’s business. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all, templated approach. We tailor our strategies and campaigns to the characteristics of our clients in the markets that they serve.

We do the homework, the research and the observation necessary to get a clear understanding of the audiences our clients serve. We’ve become masters at compelling storytelling, and we realize that no two stories are the same. Although, every client has a story that resonates powerfully with their audiences.

We believe in efficiency and effectiveness in the marketing and campaign spend and that every dollar spent should have an expectation of return on the investment. Marketing at its core is designed to move audiences to act. Those actions can be tracked, measured and reported.

Our commitment to this type of approach is one reason why we believe our clients stick with us for years. In too many agencies, the client is seen as a commodity, and when it’s used up, the goal is to just find another client to fill the void. At Romph Pou, we seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients. Strong, lasting relationships are where efficiency and effectiveness really shine.

We would love to tell you more about who we are and why our clients think we’re different. We invite you to put us through the paces by using the checklist above. Compare us to the competitors. We think this could be the beginning of a long, creative and productive relationship.