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Four Components for Healthcare Marketing

Positioning and promoting healthcare services is a specialty niche where few marketing agencies have developed the expertise to do the job in a way that will actually yield desired results, which is almost always volume growth.

Creating affinity and preferred choice for clinics and higher-level medical services among patients and referring physicians is not the same as creating interest to buy among consumers in a retail sales transaction. Yet, retail sales tactics and techniques are exactly what too many agencies bring to the table for their healthcare clients.

At Romph Pou Agency, we’re different. We’ve earned a solid reputation for results among our notable clients, such as NewYork-Presbyterian, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler, Texas Vista Medical Center, Mon Health, Texas Digestive Disease Consultants, Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists, and more. We’ve been key strategic partners with our clients in helping them grow and retain volume.

The first key component in healthcare marketing is always to clearly understand where the audience is located. The agency must have demonstrated skills at growth opportunity mapping in the specific catchment area that the hospital or clinic serves. Those catchment areas are unique to every hospital or clinic in every unique setting. They are not the same as the standard PSA and SSA. Look for an agency that knows the difference.

Second, once the unique growth opportunity map is drawn, a precise segmentation of the audience is required within the unique catchment area to create precision-targeting of the message. Hint: This is not the same as the simple demographic assumptions that most agencies offer.

Third, message matters. Healthcare consumers do not respond to the typical fluffy marketing language that most agencies traffic in. In healthcare, people are making life, lifestyle and well-being decisions for themselves. Distant marketing lingo won’t connect.

Fourth, healthcare marketing is always about “net new” patients and encounters or retention of current volume. As such, the agency should offer you a clear method of measurement on whether the campaign they are selling you will track the net new for your clinic or medical services. Most agencies don’t want to tie their work to “net new” because it’s hard work. Healthcare clients should not tie their fates to agencies that don’t want to be judged on net new.

At Romph Pou, our healthcare practice is led by a seasoned healthcare specialist who has served as Senior Vice President for Growth and Business Development and as Vice President for Marketing and Communications for premier hospital systems. He has managed physician-referral relationships and been held accountable for the “net new.” He has been on the Romph Pou team since 2015 (based in San Antonio), and is backed up by an agency creative team that has been with him since the beginning. They have developed a particular expertise in connecting healthcare clients with their desired audiences. We’ve developed our own proprietary precision-targeting database that is HIPAA-compliant.

There is a real difference between marketing agencies when it comes to healthcare expertise and moving the market. Our team at RP would love to have the opportunity to discuss this with you.

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