The Power of Simple Marketing Strategy

Larry Page, when he was CEO of Google, was featured in a New York Times article about how he evaluates multimillion-dollar acquisitions. He said his primary question is always “Does it pass the toothbrush test?”


He explained that the true usefulness of any company, product or campaign is a basic test of simplicity. Is it something you use or think of once or twice a day to make your life better, like a toothbrush?


The same concept of simplicity is a foundational value of strong marketing and advertising. Creative presentation is primarily about how quickly and easily the targeted audience can access the idea we want to convey. Is our copywriting sharp and compelling storytelling? Is our artwork integrated as a key part of the message? Does our design instantly resonate on behalf of the message? Does everything we produce always align to drive results?


At Romph Pou Agency in the 40 years that we’ve honed our creative skills and helped clients build their brands, we’ve come to adopt a simple strategy for all of our clients: Position, Promote, Protect and Advance.


Our first question is always “What position is currently being held, and what position does the client aspire to hold?” All creative work must drive toward the aspirational goal.


The second question is “How do we promote the aspirational positioning idea?” Whether copy, graphic design or targeted channels of distribution, every aspect of what we do is tailored to the unique needs of our client at this moment in time.


Third, brands are always at risk of being eroded through the unexpected, like unflattering reviews or negative publicity. All good marketing and advertising seeks to strengthen and “inoculate” the brand in every creative piece of work.


Fourth, all marketing and advertising has only one purpose: to advance the brand. Whether its audience perception, sales or information, creative work should be consciously and actively designed to move the needle.


Selecting an agency to position, promote, protect and advance your brand is not just about a portfolio of pretty creative work. Most agencies have one. The real test is the seasoning and experience of the creative team assembled to support the client and the consistent achievement of results. Romph Pou Agency has all of that and more.